Broker Price Opinions FAQ

What is a Broker Price Opinion (BPO)?

A BPO is similar to an appraisal in determining a properties estimated market value based on recent comparable sales. However, a BPO is less comprehensive than a certified appraisal and cannot be used for lending purposes, but it will typically also cost less than hiring an appraiser.

Why would I hire Tyson to complete a BPO?

A BPO is a valuable tool for a seller who wants to confirm their properties price prior to listing on the open market. It is commonly used when multiple parties are involved with a property, such as an estate. It is also useful for land owners who do not reside in the area where they own property, and are not current on market trends and values.

How do I order a BPO? What will it cost?

Please fill out the contact form or contact Tyson directly at (719) 342-1500 or [email protected] and he will be ready to discuss your property and determine a cost based on your property’s size and complexity.

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